Mini-Lessons with EdPuzzle

Teach a short, focused 10-15 minute lesson on a specific skill. Provide an example, some practice, and a chance to apply the new skill.

The mini-lesson itself can be delivered live, but for literary terms like "mood" they can be delivered via tools like EdPuzzle, which allows a teacher to insert a video and then designate moments in the video at which a prompt, a voice-over note, a multiple choice or open-ended question will appear.

These prompts and quiz-like questions require the viewer to be focused and they also promote memory. Responses are recorded and can be reviewed from the EdPuzzle teacher dashboard.

Below are two examples, one on "mood" in literature and one that helps students review the plot, characters, and conflicts in Sophocles' Antigone.

What's the Mood? EdPuzzle Mini-lesson

Antigone Overview

Links to Formative Practice Using Vialogues and Something Wiki This Way Comes